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Classes and Fleets

All dinghies are welcome at Redesmere, with a few limitations imposed by the nature and of the size of the lake and by the wind conditions generally experienced.

Club Racing is generally Handicap Fleet racing although, where sufficient boats of a particular class take part, a separate class-fleet start may be introduced along with a class-fleet championship that runs alongside the full Club programme.

General Guide

Sailing water and space ashore are a bit restricted. Some boats are just too big and fast to sail at Redesmere, both to get the best from them and as a potential danger to other boats. Similarly the trees and the depth of the lake in certain parts make some boats less suitable than others.

Currently there are no restrictions on any single hull boat up to 14 feet (4.27m) in length and no faster than PY 1025. Outside these limits a decision is needed on whether a particular class of boat should be allowed into the Club. Each "new" class is considered on its suitability for the water and, as a result, a small number of boats a few inches longer than 14 ft are sailed at the Club. The key point, however, is that if you are intending to sail a boat that is longer than 14 feet and/or faster than PY 1025, you should speak first with the Sailing Secretary ( or a member of the Sailing Committee for their advice and so that a decision can be taken, if necessary. Generally multi-hulls are not approved, although exceptions have been made such as for boats suitable for disabled sailors.

PY numbers are a national system for setting handicaps for boats when different classes race against each other. They give an idea of the comparative speed of different boats – the lower the number, the faster the boat. If you are unsure of the PY for your boat, ask the Sailing Secretary or any other experienced sailor who should be able to find out for you.

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