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RC Sailing

Radio Controlled Sailing at Redesmere

In addition to all its other activities, the Club has a thriving and active fleet sailing Radio Controlled boats.

When we sail

Tuesday mornings throughout the year, wind, weed and ice permitting.

Sundays whilst the north end of the club is weed free.

Limited free sailing during Saturday Social Sailing.

The boat we sail

The DragonForce65 (DF65). Small (65cm long), easily transportable, one design and relatively low-cost, miniature racing yacht with multiple rig and sail adjustments, sailed and raced widely across the UK and worldwide.

How we sail

Our sessions are quite relaxed and typically comprise of eight or so short races interspersed with boat tweaking and free sailing. Plenty of time for newcomers to have a go - usually one or more spare boats for people to try. Refreshment breaks obligatory.

What you get from RC sailing

All can compete on equal terms. Young or rather older, agile or a bit creaky, light or heavy, it doesn't matter. Even the boats are the same.

It's a great way to enhance your understanding and non-physical skills to help with sailing full size boats,

Sailing together from the bank, it's very social with plenty of support and advice readily available - with very little chance of falling in the water.

Check out the photos on this link to the Gallery RC Sailing at Redesmere 2022

Club contact Robert Eastcott

Above all, it's fun.

PS. Although guests are always welcome to visit the Club to try sailing, you need to be a full or junior member to participate regularly. As with other activities at Redesmere, there is no separate membership category just for RC sailing.

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